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y(OUR) Story


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Spring 2024 Show Info

Tuesday, March 26th at 7pm in the Blue Ridge Ballroom, Plemmons Student Union

Wednesday, March 27th at 7pm in the Blue Ridge Ballroom, Plemmons Student Union

Want to see your mental health story transformed into art?

y(OUR) Story is a collaborative production hosted by Wellness & Prevention Services and Women's + Inclusive Theater Troupe. Through partnering with actors, dancers, painters, poets and other artists, y(our) mental health journey will be shared. This event hopes to inspire those struggling with their mental health to not give up, and to bring conversation about mental health out of the shadows and into the light.

Curious what y(OUR) Story is all about? View the 2020 digital production (opens in a new tab).

Submit y(OUR) story about hope, resilience and how you are overcoming your mental health struggles using the button below. Your story is (OUR) story. You are not alone. Submitted stories will be considered for our Spring 2024 production. 

Please note that submitted stories will be edited to be presented as some sort of visual art. For example, stories might be shortened into monologues or interpreted through dance. Submitting a story does not guarantee inclusion in the production.