Peer Education

The Red Flag Educators, WE CAN, and WE COACH are peer educator groups dedicated to the health and well-being of students at Appalachian State University. Sponsored by Wellness and Prevention Services, each organization offers a wide variety of public health strategies both on campus and in the community. Keep reading to find out more about these groups!

Red Flag Educators

Red Flag Appalachian State University's Red Flag Educators (RFEs) have a responsibility for creating Active Bystanders on campus and in the Boone community. They educate peers on “red flags” of sexual, interpersonal, and dating violence while encouraging the Appalachian community to be active bystanders and speak out when they see potentially dangerous situations. RFEs present to peer groups, organizations, classes, and more, on topics of interpersonal violence, active bystander intervention, and rape culture.

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Wellness Educators for Change, Advocacy, and student Needs 


The Wellness Educators for Change, Advocacy, and student Needs (WE CAN) work to positively impact student wellness at Appalachian State University by empowering peers to change health behaviors, working as an advocacy group for student well-being, and addressing student needs to promote and protect healthy lifestyles. WE CAN plans and implements programs encompassing body image, mental health, nutrition, and sexual health.

An Award Winning Organization:
During the 2016-2017 academic year, WE CAN received the Outstanding University Funded Organization Award and the Appalachian Image Award at the Student Organization Leadership Awards ceremony. We are incredibly proud of our WE CAN educators!

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Wellness Educators Creating Opportunities and Casting Hope


Wellness Educators Creating Opportunities And Casting Hope (WE COACH) is a new program offered through the Department of Wellness & Prevention Services. WE COACH will operate as a peer-to-peer guidance and resource sharing program in which Wellness Educator Coaches will chat openly with their fellow students in 30-minute private one-on-one sessions. Coaches will be trained and well-versed in the sharing of knowledge and resources with students and guiding them through some common struggles of college, while still continuing to grow through the conversations they have with their peers. WE COACH is a volunteer opportunity. Coaches have the ability to refer students out to other resources, should the need arise. 

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