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Sexual Assault Prevention

Wellness and Prevention services strives to educate the Appalachian Community on sexual assault and interpersonal violence prevention. Interpersonal violence is an umberlla term that covers: sexual assualt, domestic violence, dating violence, bullying, stalking and harrassment,

Red Flag Active Bystander Training

The Red Flag Campaign (opens in a new tab) is a campus-based campaign designed to raise awareness and educate people about being active bystanders. It encourages people to SAY SOMETHING if they see a "Red Flag" on campus. "Red Flags" include sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence and stalking.

WE CARE trains the Appalachian community to become Active Bystanders (opens in a new tab) and on how to step up and speak out when encountering potentially dangerous situations. Presentations can be conducted to peer groups, student organizations, academic classes, and more. Topics include preventing interpersonal violence, active bystander intervention, and rape culture.

Connect with The Red Flag Campaign

Online Training Available 24/7

Students will learn the following related to Sexual Assault Prevention at Appalachian State:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the basics of consent
  • Learn more about being an active bystander and intervening safely
  • Learn more about the impacts of violence of individuals who hold marginalized identities
  • Learn more about the various resources on campus and their support services