Mental Health Programs

Online Suicide Prevention Training (30 min.)

These online training simulations will assist you to better identify, support, and refer stressed students to support services on campus. Through these courses, which are already in use at hundreds of colleges and universities, you will learn how to identify signs of psychological distress and refer students to support services through practiced interaction with virtual students. You can help someone who is struggling and create a more supportive and inclusive campus for all. This is the recommended training for most groups due to its 24/7 availability; both trainings are equally effective. Post-Training In-person Suicide Prevention Discussions are available by request. See below for more information.

In-Person Suicide Prevention Discussions (30 min. to 2 hrs.)

Customizable 30 minute to 2 hour in-person suicide prevention discussions are available for groups of 10+ people by request. Build your own discussion. Your group can engage in 1 hour suicide prevention training (learn warning signs for suicide and how to respond to them), participate in a Question and Answer session, practice suicide prevention skills using roleplay scenarios or have a discussion about what they learned in the online suicide prevention training. This discussion is facilitated by the Coordinator for Student Mental Wellness and other professional staff within the Department of Wellness and Prevention Services.**This request form MUST be completed at least two weeks prior to the desired event date, and MUST have at least ten participants.**

For more information about suicide prevention efforts at Appalachian State University, visit