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Collegiate Recovery Community 

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Creating an environment in which all students of the Appalachian community can thrive and achieve optimal well being. 

          A Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) offers support to students who are in recovery; wanting to be in recovery; or those who wish to support others on their recovery journey. This community assists in each individual's unique recovery by preventing relapse, encouraging autonomy, providing support, increasing academic success, and offering a safe space on campus to process, grow, and reflect.

          The Appalachian CRC holds weekly recovery and community meetings. Individuals actively engaged in addictions recovery are welcome to attend, as well as individuals that seek to support those in addictions and/or compulsive behavior recovery (including but not limited to substance use, eating concerns, gambling, shopping, pornography, gaming, etc), and those who are curious about beginning their recovery journey. If you would like to meet with a CRC staff member about our services or for other inquiries, please contact Audrey Lipschutz at to schedule an individual appointment.

Fall 2020:

  • Ally Trainings 
    • Virtual Ally Training
      • Teaching students how to be an ally for individuals in recovery from addiction
      • Facilitated by CRC staff members
    • Online Ally Training Course
      • Self-enrolled AsULearn course available to all students, faculty, and staff
      • Course link:
      • To enroll, click "Enroll Me" at the bottom of the screen under the Self Enrollment heading
      • Contact our Activities Coordinator at for any questions or concerns

Weekly Support Meetings

  • Virtual Social Hour
    • Form connections with members of the Appalachian community.  Must be sober and avoid glamorizing substance use.
    • Spring 2021 information will be updated after winter break.
  • All Recovery Support Meetings
    • For students seeking recovery or recovery curious support to substance use, eating concerns, addictive behavior patterns, and mental health using a SMART Recovery format
    • Spring 2021 information will be updated after winter break.

Monthly Support Meetings

  • All Recovery BIPOC Support Meetings
    • Peer support regardng substance use, mental health, eating, and other areas of recovery. Open to those in recovery and those contemplating recovery.  Tailored for those who identify as Black, Indigenours, and/or persons of color.
    • Spring 2021 information will be updated after winter break.

To learn more about other activities being hosted by the CRC for the Spring 2021 semester send us a message or check out our social media pages (FB: Appstate CRC, IG: crc_appstate).