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Appstate crc

Appalachian State University Collegiate Recovery Community

"Creating an environment in which all students of the Appalachian community can thrive and achieve optimal well-being."

A Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) offers support to students who are in recovery. This community assists in each individual's unique recovery by preventing relapse, encouraging autonomy, providing support, increasing academic success, and offering a safe space on campus to process, grow, and reflect.

The Appalachian CRC will meet every Wednesday in the Wellness and Prevention Services’ conference room. The meetings begin at 5:30pm and typically run until 7pm. Individuals actively engaged in addictions recovery are welcome to attend, as well as individuals that seek to support those in addictions recovery.

For more information related to the Appalachian CRC please contact Matt Craine (crainemw@appstate.edu), Lexi Gross (grossa@appstate.edu), or Ben Asma (asmabt@appstate.edu).Additionally,if you are interested in learning about other initiatives and services facilitated by Wellness andPrevention Services visit wellness.appstate.edu or follow us on Instagram @appstate_wellness.