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Project Condom

Social wellnessWhat is Project Condom?

Sponsored by Global Protection and ONE Condoms, Project Condom is a merge between art and fashion while promoting safer sex behaviors for college-aged students. Based on the tv show Project Runway, teams of students will have the opportunity to create and showcase garments made entirely of condoms!

Project Condom Season Three: "Caption This!" 

Date: April 3rd, 2019
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Location: PSU Parkway Ballroom

Please contact Olivia Gentry, Wellness Educator, at for additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you make a garment?
    Teams typically use fabric, sewing materials, and glue to construct their garments. Old clothes (dresses, t-shirts, shorts, etc.) may act as the base for the garment. Teams may paint condoms as they see fit. As we only supply the condoms, additional materials needed to construct the garment will need to be purchased by the designers.
  2. Who supplies the condoms?
    Wellness and Prevention Services will provide unwrapped, non-lubricated, colored male/external condoms donated by ONE Condom Company.
  3. Why do I need a theme?
    The purpose of Project Condom is to raise awareness about safer sexual health behaviors and issues and to decrease the stigma associated in an innovative way. While we hope that this event is fun and intriguing, it is important that each garment embodies an educational message for the program attendees.
  4. Can I design the garment with other people?
    YES! We strongly encourage collaboration among students to create garments for the event. We ask that each team consist of 3-7 students (including the model). Garments should be sponsored by a club, organization, fraternity, sorority, center, or class.
  5. Does the model have to be a woman?
    NO! Anyone is welcome to model a garment.
  6. How will designers be recognized?
    University Communications will photograph the event as well as the designers and their garments. Photos will be made available to each team. Photos will also be submitted to the ONE Condom Company to be posted on their website. Teams are welcome to submit and upload photos as well.
  7. How will winners be recognized?
    Judges will score garments based on creativity, connection to the event theme, sexual health message, design, and stage presence. Winners will receive a prize pack from ONE Condom Company and a plaque from Wellness and Prevention Services.